Welcome to Kendall-Jenner.org!

Welcome to Kendall-Jenner.org!

Welcome to the new and improved Kendall Jenner Online! A fansite source dedicated to Kendall Jenner. KJO was founded in 2011 and now we’ve relaunched for 2020.

Back in July 2013 before we closed, we used to be at KendallOnline.us, and then Kendall-Jenner.net. Now Kendall Jenner Online can be found at Kendall-Jenner.org!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get access to all of the old posts from the original site. It’s time for a fresh start!

We will not be adding candid photos to respect Kendall’s privacy (see candids policy). The gallery contains photos from events, photoshoots and more.

We have a section for Kendall’s main ad campaigns. You can find various photoshoots for Kendall’s smaller campaigns in the Photo Sessions category.

The site is a work in progress and we hope to become a better Kendall resource. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!